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Archive of Selected Humor Segments

  Parody Songs, Interviews with the Dead, Interviews with Politicians and Other Fictional Characters - Original TAFS Segments
  Clips from Firesign Theatre - 'The Beatles of Comedy'

Archive of Selected TAFS Interviews with Experts

  Phishing, Spyware, Spam, E-mail, & eBay with John Clark, Associate Professor of Telecomm, U of Kentucky
  The Legacy of John Paul II with Daniel Finn, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and Economics, St. John's U
  An Overview of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with Otto Kroeger, Ph.D., and a leading MBTI expert
  Google Issues, Microsoft Issues with John Clark, Associate Professor of Telecomm, U of Kentucky
  Leadership - with Concetta Stewart, Ph.D., Dean, School of Comm and Theater, Temple U, Philadelphia
  The Dalai Lama, Tibet, Buddhism & Meditation with Brian O'Connor, Psychotherapist & Buddhist Practitioner

Archive of Complete Shows

  Archive of March 26 , 2007 Show Elizabeth Edwards' cancer, Global Warming, Neocons and 20%ers
  Archive of February 19 , 2007 Show Guest: John Clark; Bush, Iraq and Afghanistan, Dems. vs. Repubs., Iran
  Archive of January 22, 2007 Show Democratic Presidential candidates, Iraq "surge"
  Archive of December 18, 2006 Show Various news, Bush foreign policy: North Korea, Iraq
  Archive of October 16, 2006 Show The 2006 Elections, the Foley Scandal, and North Korea
  Archive of October 2, 2006 Show Bob Woodward's State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III
  Archive of September 25, 2006 Show Plagiarism in school, the VA Senate race, Bill Clinton, detainees
  Archive of June 26, 2006 Show New WMD debate, North Korea missile test
  Archive of June 22, 2006 Show More on Ann Coulter's Godless: The Church of Liberalism
Archive of June 15, 2006 Show Ann Coulter's Godless: The Church of Liberalism - A review of some serious drivel
Archive of June 8, 2006 Show Among other topics, The Stages of Intellectual Development
Archive of May 25, 2006 Show Ignoring Science: Fox News' Global Warming: The Debate Continues
Archive of May 21, 2006 Show Antonio Graceffo Interview, Misc. News & Information Analysis
Archive of May 18, 2006 Show The Ignorance of RWTSHs (Right Wing Talk Show Hosts), featuring Bill O'Reilly
In December, 2005 I stopped doing my 3-hour Thursday night show in favor of shorter Monday and Thursday night shows. Many of these show are not posted here (I've maxed out on space with my web host!).
Archive of December 15, 2005 Show
Archive of November 24, 2005 Show
Archive of October 20, 2005 Show
Archive of October 6, 2005 Show
Archive of September 22, 2005 Show
Archive of September 8, 2005 Show
Archive of August 18, 2005 Show