Eerie Similarities Between Ronald Reagan and Pink Floyd
by Andy Finn

Pink Floyd: musicians in radio, TV, movies, and political commentary.
Reagan: an actor in radio, TV, movies and political commentary.

Pink Floyd: appeared in concerts with a large pig.
Reagan: appeared in movies with a small chimp.

Pink Floyd: Foresaw living on the dark side of the moon.
Reagan: Foresaw living in a shining city on a hill.

Pink Floyd said: "Tear down the wall." (1980)
Reagan misquoted Pink Floyd: "Tear down this wall." (1986)

Pink Floyd: Many statements suggest heavy drug use when young.
Reagan: Many statements suggest heavy drug use when young.

Pink Floyd: called one of their songs "Mother." (The Wall, 1980)
Reagan: called his wife "mommy."

Pink Floyd: sang a song called "Money."
Reagan: occasionally gave speeches for money.

Pink Floyd: mentioned Reagan in one of their songs (The Fletcher Memorial Home).
Reagan: forgot to mention Pink Floyd in one of his speeches.

Pink Floyd talking about school: "Teacher, leave those kids alone."
Reagan talking about school: "I never knew anything above Cs."

About Reagan, Margaret Thatcher reportedly said: "Poor dear, there's nothing between his ears." (1988)
About Thatcher, Pink Floyd said: "Maggie, what have we done?" (The Final Cut, 1982).

Pink Floyd: claimed to be comfortably numb.
Reagan: was comfortably numb.

Pink Floyd: blamed people for pollution.
Reagan: blamed trees for pollution.

Pink Floyd: wrote "Welcome to the Machine." (Wish You Were Here, 1975)
Reagan: Ran the machine.

Pink Floyd: ended their most famous album with "Brain Damage."
Reagan: ended his presidency with brain damage.