Meta FAQs (FAQs about FAQs)
Andy Finn

What is an "FAQ"?
An FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question.

What is a "frequently asked question?"
A frequently asked question is a question that people ask frequently. For example when you first start using particular Internet features and applications you may have questions about user interface navigation, formal rules, and informal conventions. Well, so do other people.

How frequently are frequently asked questions actually asked by a real person?
No one knows for sure, but experts estimate that the most popular frequently asked questions are asked over a million times a day.

What is the most frequently asked frequently asked question?
Again, there is no clear answer on this from the scientific community. But most experts believe it is "Where is the bathroom?" The ironic thing about that is, it is not even an Internet question, which is where the frequently asked question made a name for itself.

Well, what is the most frequently asked frequently asked question on the Internet?
While no one can be sure, it is believed to be one of the dumb ones. You know, the real obvious ones like, "how do I pay for this?" Trust me, web sites exist to take your money, so they'll make it real easy. Another obvious one is "Do you think that all the porn I downloaded has anything to do with my machine running slow?" Gee, maybe. Click here to read all about suckers.

(LINK to: Sucker -
The dictionary defines a sucker as:
1. n. "One that sucks, especially an unweaned domestic animal." But that's not quite what we're looking for.
2. n. "One who is easily deceived; a dupe." Yep. This is the one.
3. n. "One that is indiscriminately attracted to something specified." Well, this could work too. As in "he was a sucker for a pretty face - on a naked body."

Or get yourself anti-spyware, adware, malware, and unaware protection.

Why is this FAQ titled Meta FAQs? You haven't told me a thing about "meta" yet.
Let me start by defining meta. Meta is beyond.

Beyond? Beyond what?
Meta means beyond, or transcending.

That isn't real helpful. Transcending what?
Look, there are several very different definitions for meta, but the sense I mean here is "more comprehensive." For example, a meta-theory is a theory about theories. Meta-analysis is analysis of a bunch of existing analyses. Metallurgy is llurgy about llurgy. Metaphor is a phor about phors (typically in phor-phor time). Actually, that's just a figure of speech.

So what in the name of heaven are you saying?
I'm saying that a meta-FAQ is an FAQ about FAQs. By the way, meta Faqs should not be confused with medivacs, which are an entirely different kettle of fish. Well, that about covers it. Do you have any other frequently asked questions you like to ask frequently?

So is there anything else I should know about FAQs?
There's one final piece of advice I should give you. You'll notice that a lot of FAQs take a long time and a lot of words to get to the point. For example, many FAQs start answers with phrases like "by the way," "as you will soon see," "the fact of the matter is," or the dreaded "all other things being equal." Many others digress into irrelevant discussion of minor issues. Still others spend time of tangential issues beyond the primary purpose of the FAQ. This makes the FAQ difficult to use, because you can't find the answers to the question that you asked, frequently. Thus, to sum it up, I would have to say that the very best piece of advice I could give the user is to NEVER read any FAQ.