Humorous Text Files

Shift Key FAQ Worried about saying dumb things?
Ode to a Computer Spell Checker Signs seen around the world
Really poor predictions about technology Still worried about saying dumb things?
Golf Jokes Jokes - Part I
Similarities between Reagan and Pink Floyd Similarities between Elvis and Jesus
Rap lyrics translated to plain English Kurt Vonnegut's Commencement Address
Meta-faq Movie stars' real names
Rock stars' real names The physics of Santa Claus
Why engineers don't write recipe books People over 35 should be dead. Here's why...


Humorous Images

- No Parking - Ass - Moses as Lifeguard
- Crystal Ball - You Are Here - Cats and Dogs
- Emotionally Secure Men - Future Military Funding - Good Advice
- Thumb Drive - Gas Pump Mistake    

Image Sets

- Proof of Evolution!
(9 images)
- High Speed Photography
(5 images)
- Bad Parking Awards
(7 images)
- Crane Mishaps
(9 images)
- President Bush's Debate Bulge
(4 images)
- John Evers - Balancing Acts
(5 images)
- Chris Jordan Photography - Mass Consumption
(9 images)

Illusions & 'Subjective' Pictures

- Count the Black Dots

- How Many Faces?

- Which Face 1

- Parallel Lines

- Facing Off

- Which Face 2

- What's Up?

- Which Animal?

- Count the Legs

- Illusion - Find People - Couple and Dolphins